5 Reasons to Use Video to Engage and Connect with Customers

In Video Marketing by Clarity Marketing

Many businesses never expected that the internet would become the place to connect with customers and engage them. However, the past decade has proven that the landscape of marketing has changed. Other than the few pioneers that heartily hopped on board, the rest of the business world has trudged semi-willingly along. They’ve conceded that having an online presence is just about mandatory, and that it is something that requires more than a few seconds of thought.

Establishing a presence is only the beginning. To use branding, online marketing and social media engagement to its fullest you have to map out a master plan—and adjust it when necessary. Content is king—it’s true—but many other platforms and tools are essential as well. They become the queen, castles, knights and bishops of the marketing chessboard. All the players and components must work together to optimize your overall strategy.


Where Video Fits In

Adults that are online frequently are avid video users. Visual content is an excellent opportunity for businesses to find a captivated audience. For a lot of businesses, the question is: What types of videos or visual content should I be creating? It’s a question that often deters people from attempting to use YouTube and assorted channels as one of their online marketing venues. Before ruling it out, realize it can be a strong marketing tool. Five benefits of using video include:

  • Reach a new audience: YouTube, for example, has a billion people visiting their site each month
  • Videos appear frequently in Google search results which will help your visibility
  • Your audience will promote you—after all, how often have you shared a video?
  • Visual learners (which make up approximately 65% of the population) will find video a great way to connect with your business
  • You can place email list builders into your YouTube videos, a fun and easy way for customers to signup

Ways to Use Video to Your Advantage

By creating short, interesting videos you can reach a large number of leads and customers. Make sure your videos translate well to all devices: monitors, smartphones and tablets. Post your videos at peak viewing times for your audience. Design your content to target your audiences’ passions and interests. For international businesses, consider putting videos in multiple languages.

It’s a brave new world in marketing, and a few calculated risks are worth the effort. Video draws people both young and old, making it an enticing and effective marketing tool.