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American consumers love a good media romance – and that goes equally for men.

First the charms of email caused them to turn a cold shoulder to direct mail. Then social media came strutting along, bewitching consumers with its blindingly fast speed and huge scope of influence. Now they are reaching back and fondly reevaluating the allure of direct mail.

This reignited media romance portends real staying power, and not only with people who “came of age” with it but also with millennials. Consider:




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Make your recipients swoon
Clearly, the once jilted medium of direct mail is proving to be a significant other like  – no other. You’re smart to use it as a marketing tool – and twice as smart to use it wisely. Integrate these four pointers to maximize the “pull” from your direct mail efforts:

  • Ensure that you’re working with an updated mailing list. Even a direct mail piece with provocative art work and a compelling message will fail if it doesn’t end up in the right mailboxes.


  • Emphasize benefits over features. This can be tricky, especially when the features point up obvious benefits. So think in terms of what your product or service can do for a consumer. How will it make his or her life better? Which problem or dilemma will it solve? You may be rightfully proud of the features you wish to promote, and that’s fine, as long as you emphasize the benefits first.


  • Highlight a compelling offer, and eschew cheesy sales talk. Otherwise known as a call to action, the entire point of a direct mail piece is to give a consumer a reason to act – and act now.


  • Persevere with multiple outreach efforts. There are no hard and fast rules about the number of “touches” – or contacts with a consumer – that translate into results. But it’s a truly rare mailing that succeeds after only one or two “outings.” Plan a campaign that includes at least four direct mail pieces. As an absolute MUST, use direct mail as one marketing channel in the mix, integrating other channels such as email, social media and blogging through your website.Repetition, through perseverance, will pay off.