6 Ways to Boost Sales With Social Media

6 Ways To Boost Sales Through Social Media

In Social Media by Clarity Marketing

When executed correctly, social media is a great way of reaching high value audiences efficiently, and effectively. One of the challenges with social, however, is being able to engage your prospects and customers with content that they find educational and informative – but not highly sales-focused. So how can your small business stand out from the crowd and get your message in front of the right audience? Below, we offer 6 tips that can boost your sales through social media.

Before devoting resources to social media, you should be asking yourself some audience questions, such as: where do my high value audiences “hang out”? What is the “journey” that my high value audiences take to make a purchase of my goods/services? What are my buyer persona(s)? And most important: is social media right for my business as a marketing tool, or should we be emphasizing other methods?


We always suggest the setting of annual marketing and sales objectives before embarking on campaigns of any type, and social media is no different.  Once set, if you’ve determined that social is right for your business, then we suggest the following tips to boost sales via social:

Use Video

Video is changing the way users consume content, especially now with Facebook Live video. Video truly is one of the hottest marketing tools available, and your business should be using it! It’s important to keep in mind that most videos are viewed without sound so it’s best to design your videos as short silent films that can be understood without the use of audio.

Exclusive Offers

People love to be a part of something and social media is a great place to build a community among your audience. By offering your followers an offer only available to them they will feel as though they are a member of an exclusive club. This offer will also help you to draw in more social media followers once word spreads around.

Offer a Free Trial

Offering a free trial or a demo is a great way to convert leads. People will feel less of a risk associated with trying your company out but will also gain trust since you are being transparent and showing you have full faith that users will be impressed in what you have to offer.


Being known as a “solutions” provider adds value to your organization, and positions your business as the “go-to” for answers.  Educate your prospects and customers and you will draw from near and far.


Your web presence should not just be a “static” brochure.  It needs to inform, educate, and draw prospects so you can capture their interest, and their email, for future communication. Use offers and “CTA’s” to accomplish this, and drive traffic to your site using your social media accounts, and social advertising.


Social media has opened up a whole new frontier for targeted, effective advertising.  According to Pew research, 79% of online adults in the U.S. use Facebook, and Facebook has a level of detail on each user that is a veritable treasure trove of information.