CRO: Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

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Your website can be a powerful sales tool, but only if you know how to convert your site visitors into paying customers. That’s where conversion optimization techniques (CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization) come into play – all the steps and “tricks” you can use to motivate casual visitors to become diehard fans of your service or product. While established major brands can rely on word-of-mouth and a long-term market presence to drive a considerable amount of business, SMBs – new or established – need to know how to use CRO techniques to tap into a broader market and to keep sales strong. Here are some of the top techniques that can help you improve your site’s conversion rates:

  • Turn up the heat. To get a better idea of which areas of your site are drawing the most attention from your visitors, consider using heatmap software. These programs provide you with visual data highlighting the areas of your where visitors click or pause so you can optimize your page design and understand which elements draw the most interest.
  • Test out different landing pages. Sometimes, all it takes is a little “tweaking” to increase interest in your site and convert visitors to customers. Try different designs, layout and colors, and learn how to do split testing to learn which pages result in more clicks and more conversions.
  • Invest in good content. Make sure the content you offer – whether it’s the content on a static landing page, your blog or your social media pages – is geared toward your customers’ needs and interests. Good content can be the lifeblood of your marketing plan, but content that’s constantly selling without regard for the customers’ interests and needs can be worse than no content at all. And don’t forget headlines. Check out these tips from award-winning copywriter David Ogilvy.
  • Clean up your site. Your site is a reflection of your brand. Look for links that don’t work, outdated references or content or other elements that make your site look old or uncared for.
  • Add a video. Whether you offer a product or a service, a brief explainer video can increase reader engagement and help you connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

CRO is not a one-time deal; it’s an ongoing process that demands continual attention and routine action. The “up” side: All that time you spend on your site can yield some major dividends, helping you grow your brand – and your bottom line.