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Why Facebook Live Is Important for Your Business

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Just when you thought every social media marketing channel and method had been created, a new idea seems to emerge. Facebook is one of the original players in the social media spectrum, and with their newest invention, Facebook Live, they prove that they’re still innovators. The business and marketing buzz has begun, which means it’s time for companies to learn what Facebook Live is, and how they can use it.

Facebook Live is a Powerful Connection

You may be asking: What is this Facebook Live, and why should I bother to use it? The answer is simple—not only does it allow you to reach your followers in a unique way, it also lets you to generate new followers. Facebook Live is the power to broadcast anytime, anywhere. All you need is your mobile device with a camera to make it happen. Not only that, but Facebook Live gives you instant reactions. You’ll know if what you’re doing is of interest to your customers and potential customers instantaneously through their comments. And, you can interact: If a customer has a question while you’re broadcasting, you can answer it right then and there—Live!

How Can Businesses Use Facebook Live?

Probably the most infamous use of Facebook Live to date is the father who accidentally broadcast the birth of his child to the world. Although it created quite a stir, businesses can be far more strategic with their live content. Whether you offer a service or product, Facebook Live is an excellent tool. Some ways it has already been used include:

  • Product unveilings
  • Product demos
  • Weekly shows
  • Staff features
  • Customer of the week features
  • How the services or products are used
  • Behind the scenes
  • Breaking/important news
  • Weekly features on solving issues customers are having

Planning and Using Facebook Live

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to go into Facebook Live without a plan in mind. You need to approach it as you would any other marketing plan. Determine your audience, infuse the content with your brand, decide when, how and what you’ll do. Design a schedule for creating and airing your live streams. And always:

  • Ensure the content is educational
  • Promote to your audiences in advance
  • Optimize lighting and audio
  • Come up with short, enticing titles
  • Engage your audience during broadcast
  • Add a call to action
  • Utilize the edit tool after broadcast to maximize the effect

Those who get in on the ground floor of something exciting often gain notice, which is why your business should consider signing up for Facebook Live- today.