Social Media: Engage? Advertise? Avoid?

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. GooglePlus. Instagram. The choices can be a bit overwhelming! What’s right for your business? Should you participate at all? Will you get the ROI you expect?
The question of whether or not to use social media as a marketing channel for small (and medium) businesses has become ever present. We are faced with a multitude of choices…”like us” on Facebook, “hashtags” on Twitter, “invitations” on LinkedIn… what’s a business to do?
First and foremost, your business should have clearly defined sales and marketing objectives that help to pinpoint where you are “aiming” in the coming 12 months, and beyond. Part of that exercise is the determination of audiences for your products and services – and what the specific demographics of those audiences are. Why is that important? “Knowing your audience” helps you determine ways to reach them – and clearly, certain audiences – millennials, for example – can be reached via social channels. (According to accounting firm PWC, 50% of the global work force will be millenials by 2020).


Some of the things your business should consider when deciding whether or not to make social media part of your marketing mix:

  1. What is the overall business purpose of our participation in social media?
  2. What role do we want social media to play in our business?
  3. Do we have the resources available to dedicate to engagement and responsiveness?
  4. Will the benefits to our organization outweigh the costs?
  5. Is involvement in social media a necessity based on our industry type?

After answering those questions, if the results point towards moving forward, more questions remain:

  1. What channel(s) should we use?
  2. What should our content be?
  3. Who will coordinate and manage our social media channels?
  4. Are we prepared for the higher level of engagement that social media will bring?

Not sure about your answers? We recommend this article from Inc. Magazine, with a great chart to help identify basic demographics of each channel.

Want us to build your social media presence for you? We can build your platforms to match your brand, create content, and even engage clients and prospects. Interested? Let’s talk – call us at 860.658.4361, or click here.

If you’re still not sure if Social Media is right for your business, here’s what Pat Ryan, Marketing Director – Daryl’s House Club says about his advertising on Facebook.

“Advertising on Facebook has been the most effective tool to market my business and sell hard tickets. It helps me target each artist I’m promoting to only people who are fans of theirs, and similar artists within a particular radius. My CPC with Facebook can not be beat, and it’s driving people right to my website for capture.”

Pat Ryan
Marketing Director, Daryl’s House Club
(Daryl Hall’s Restaurant & Live Music Club)
Pawling, NY