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Turn Leads Into Customers With Calls to Action

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Calls to Action: When it comes to retooling a marketing plan, most SMB’s focus on major projects like a complete redesign of their website or an extensive email campaign. But the fact is, while major efforts can certainly be successful, sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking and fine-tuning to breathe new life into an existing campaign. And one of the best ways to do that is to focus on your calls to action (or CTAs), those pithy bits of text that invite potential customers to place an order, request a “freebie,” opt in to an email list or take some other action that moves them forward in your sales funnel.

CTAs are typically short and to the point, and while they may seem easy to write, their brevity is deceptive – in fact, many business owners completely miss the mark when crafting CTAs for their marketing campaigns. Not sure if your CTAs are pulling their weight? Check out these tips:

  • Tap into pain points. Site visitors come to your website because they need something you offer. Make sure your CTA (and the copy that precedes it) acknowledges that need and underscores how you can help.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Words like “act now” or “for a limited time” can be all it takes to motivate a potential customer to click your link. Don’t be overbearing or heavy-handed. No one wants to feel like they’re being strong-armed, so leave the stereotypical “used car salesman” approach behind.
  • Use action verbs. Clicking your CTA button should lead your readers to believe they’re already taking positive action to achieve their objective.
  • Offer added value. Your CTA should clearly demonstrate the benefit of clicking on your link and answer this question: How will clicking this button improve some aspect of my life?
  • Make it easy to click. Keep CTA banners and buttons in bright colors and check your links often, especially after site updates, to make sure they work.
  • Go with the flow. CTAs should fit into your page copy logically. Inserting CTAs haphazardly makes it feel more like you’re forcing your product or service on your readers, which can wind up driving them away. Be sure to use different CTAs for each landing page.

Need some inspiration? Hubspot offers some examples of effective CTAs here. Take an hour or two this week to evaluate your CTAs, then do a little split-testing to assess your results.